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Martha Cotera
Martha Cotera, Chicana Feminist Quote

Gloria Anzaldua
Gloria Anzaldua, Borderlands

Lourdes Portillo
Lourdes Portillo, On Chicanas and Filmmaking, A Commentary, Quote

Maylei Blackwell
Maylei Blackwell, Chicana Power Quote

Eden Torres
Eden Torres, Chicana Without Apology quote

Helena Maria Viramontes
Helen Maria Viramontes, Under the Feet of Jesus

Artwork created for the tent cards for the 3D Conceptual Ideation. An example of spatial-temporal through subject and historically related individual images. In constructing the tent graphic, the display sections meet, but don't overlap.

Carmen Tafolla's Writing
Carmen Tafolla's handwritten notes

Magazine Cover, special issue on IWY and Hispanic Women nationally. The NWPC Chicana Caucus, Comision Feminil, MRUP are not mentioned.

Adelante Mujer Conference Photo
Article, South Bend Tribune, group photo speakers, conference coordinators of Adelante Mujer conference, held at South Bend VFW Hall, first conference of Midwest Chicanas from 11 states.
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