Chicana Diasporic: A Nomadic Journey of the Activist Exiled

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Consider your journey through the Chicana Diasporic as random and simultaneous. See the connections where you will see them. For example, all the women from the National Women’s Political Caucus, Chicana Caucus are Chicana. Many of them remained comadres after leaving the women’s and Chicano movements. Scalar (the platform for this site) is a Chicana concept since every element is connected to every other element and all the elements of this site live on these pages at once. (Note: Click on a node, when the "view" icon appears, click on it to go to that page)

I will suggest navigation, but offer your own—take the paths within the paths, within the element tags, along the annotated maps, let your journey be as random and simultaneous—as paralleled and interconnected as yellow is to a bird, an ear of corn and the sun.

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